King Solomon

There is a story I remember reading in the Bible when I was a little girl, I read the entire children’s bible set when I was 10 years old.

I shared what I remembered with a friend and she gave me more details of the story. It goes like this:

King Solomon wanted to become more wise and he prayed to God for wisdom.

2 women each had a baby. One baby died. The mother of the deceased baby switched her baby for the living baby while the latter’s mother was sleeping.

When the mother of the living baby awoke and saw the deceased baby she knew that baby was not hers.

She went to King Solomon for help. This is what the King did:

he told the mother’s that he would cut the baby in half and give each mother half of the baby.

The real mother said “no” give the baby to her (the mother of the deceased child), but the mother of the deceased child said “yes” slice the baby in half.

The real mother loved her baby so much she would rather give the baby up rather than see the baby hurt.


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