Maui Land and Pineapple (MLP): Land owned?

I only copied and pasted this portion on information (2003) on MLP.

Click HERE to see the rest of the information on MLP.

Item 2. PROPERTIES The Company owns approximately 28,600 acres of land on Maui. Approximately 30% of the acreage is used directly or indirectly in the Company’s operations and the remaining land is primarily in pasture or forest reserve. This land, most of which was acquired from 1911 to 1932, is carried on the Company’s balance sheet at cost. The Company believes it has clear and unencumbered marketable title to all such property, except for the following: (a) a perpetual conservation easement granted to the State of Hawaii on a 13-acre parcel at Kapalua; (b) certain easements and rights-of-way that do not materially affect the Company’s use of its property; (c) a mortgage on approximately 4,400 acres used in pineapple operations, which secures the Company’s $15 million term loan agreement; (d) a mortgage on the three golf courses at Kapalua, which secures the Company’s $25 million revolving credit facility; (e) a permanent conservation easement granted to The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii, a non-profit corporation, covering approximately 8,600 acres of forest reserve land; (f) a $4,513,000 mortgage on the fee interest in Napili Plaza shopping center; and (g) a small percentage of the Company’s land in various locations on which multiple claims exist, for some of which the Company has initiated quiet title actions. Approximately 22,800 acres of the Company’s land are located in West Maui, approximately 5,700 acres are located in East Maui (Upcountry) and approximately 28 acres are located in Kahului, Maui. The 22,800 acres in West Maui comprise a largely contiguous parcel that extends from the sea to an elevation of approximately 5,700 feet and includes nine miles of ocean frontage with approximately 3,300 lineal feet along sandy beaches, as well as agricultural and grazing lands, gulches and heavily forested areas. The West Maui acreage includes approximately 3,600 acres comprising the Company’s Honolua pineapple plantation and approximately 1,650 acres designated for the Kapalua Resort. The East Maui property is situated at elevations between 1,000 and 3,000 feet above sea level on the slopes of Haleakala and approximately 3,140 acres are in pineapple operations as the Company’s Haliimaile plantation. The Kahului acreage includes a can manufacturing plant and a pineapple-processing cannery with interconnected warehouses at the cannery site where finished product is stored and the Company’s administrative offices. Approximately 3,000 acres of leased land are used in the Company’s pineapple operations. A major operating lease covering approximately 1,500 acres of land expired on December 31, 1999 and is currently being renegotiated for a minimum term of ten years. Thirteen leases expiring at various dates through 2018 cover the balance of the leased property. The aggregate land rental for all leased land was $573,000 in 2002. The Company’s 51% owned subsidiary owns approximately 2,500 acres and leases approximately 235 acres of land in Costa Rica, which is used for pineapple production. The 2,500 acres secures the subsidiary’s $1.3 million non-revolving term loan.


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