…working together…

KHPA Original stands for Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, the name of our nation, the original jurisdiction.

Within Ko Hawaii Pae Aina we have many, many people who have contributed, in one way or another, to assist each other in remembering…

who we are…Kanaka Maoli

We stand united in the knowledge that the United States has no jurisdiction whatsoever in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina…now…

we need to accept that we are all different, different ways of thinking, doing, being. To know that some of us will click with one person but not another and to let each other go our own way in Love and Aloha and Light.

To understand that not all of us will be as smart or as pretty or as strong as the person next to us, as a brother or sister, but…we bring our own talents, valuable talents to the table.

When we can learn to recognize where our strong points lie and where are weak points lie, then we can say to each other, here, I’ll take this task, you take this task, never mind being in control already.

The need to be in control is holding the masses back. Let go of control.

Work together.

With this site/blog I hope to list everyone, everything that is working towards letting the world know that Ko Hawaii Pae Aina is the original jurisdiction and not the State of Hawaii especially focusing on Quiet Titles and vesting up Royal Patents, Palapala Sila Nui.


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  1. Aloha and mahalo for posting this:


    My father is mentioned in this, as are his siblings. Any suggestions as to the “next step”?

    • I would order the Palapala Sila Nui from Bureau of Conveyances, then make sure you get all documents that can prove you’re a lineal descendant of the owner of that Palapala.

      Also, do you know Keeaumoku Kapu? He was able to win his case in court. His story is also posted here.

      I would then meet the dead line of August 19th I believe it is.

      I will try to see if I can meet Keeaumoku as he does live here on Maui.

  2. Mahalo nui. Is there a way for me to access that online? I’m in Connecticut but am trying to help my dad, and aunts in uncles- most of whom are on Kaua`i…

    • Aloha, I would subscribe to this site/blog as I plan to post research methods on how to find your palapala and a bunch of other info that will be instrumental to anyone researching palapala.

      See the most recent post I made re: how to order palapala from BOC…Aloha! A hui hou!

  3. Mahalo!

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