Ae: Organizing and Researching

Here is where I’ll post procedures and methods for researching and organizing paperwork.

One of the first and most important steps to take is researching genealogy.

I have a lot of information on another site/blog of mine:

It’s a journey but it is a good one, for me it is very spiritually uplifting.


2 Responses

  1. Please contact me at 808.489.7065. I reside in Pearl City, in the island of Oahu, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. Mahalo Nui!


  2. Huiii…Aloha Mai! Yolanda,
    Hana Hou, I am, once again back on Mokupuni O’Moewee(Maui) for “court-stuff” ame re-visiting
    with Ohana. It behooves me, that Makila and their
    allege fraudulent acts continues. Mauiland(a corporation)
    with their culprit members continue to conspire and, act
    as if, they have the authority to “auction” out the Aina(s)
    belonging to our native Hawai’ian nationals(better known
    as: Kanaka Maoli.)” I am, always so Mai’kai’nui! with your
    diligent work and, having to convey and purport the true
    messages out to our Kanaka Maoli Villages(community).
    There is a scheduled court case that is scheduled for
    Thurday(December 10, A.D. 2009, to be heard at the
    Hoapile Hale. It is the KUA ohana case. Hope…to see
    you there??? With Much ha’aha’a:Noe’Lani, family of:Mason.

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