Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, DHHL, Hawaiian Homes Commission, Homesteads

I thought about posting stuff I find about Hawaiian Homes. At first, I didn’t want to because much of it is just sooooo negative, but, to get to the positive I feel we have to sort through the negative. I can see how one has to be strong to sort through the negative because it takes so much energy to remain calm and not get into anger stay.

So, here I am with my first posts concerning James Kamoku and Kahale Smith.

In the first place Kanaka Maoli do not have to be “rehabilitated.” We were doing just fine before the foreigners came along.

In the second place, we are not “wards” of anyone. What is a “ward?”

In the third place, there was never any transfer of jurisdiction from Ko Hawaii Pae Aina to the State of Hawaii. If there never was a transfer, how can they dictate to us, the legal owners, who, how, why, and what Kanaka Maoli can live in Hawaiian Homes?


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