James Kamoku – My Hawaiian Family is Unfairly Being Evicted from Kona Homestead

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My Hawaiian Family is Unfairly Being Evicted from Kona Homestead
By James Kamoku, 1/22/2008 8:16:30 PM

I am a native Hawaiian currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I received a full ride athletic scholarship to play football at the University of Wisconsin. It is very difficult for me to concentrate on football and school, knowing that my family is going through legal hardships in Hawaii.

My parents are going through an eviction from Hawaiian homelands. My family cannot afford a lawyer to represent their needs. My mother was left to write an appeal to the court regarding the eviction notice, but she has no experience and it was done incorrectly and rejected. My mom is recovering from a slipped disc and her movement is limited.

Currently my father is the only source of income for my family. He supports my family the best he can. It brings tears to my eyes to hear that my father’s hard work turned to heartache as he was told that my family had until February 1st to clear their things and leave the place we call home.

Hard working Hawaiians should never be evicted from their homes, especially those on Hawaiian homelands. The Department of Hawaiian Homelands goal is to help “rehabilitate” Hawaiians as stated by department chairman Micah Kane. Micah Kane’s mission is to give thousands of homes to Hawaiians currently on the waiting list; however he seems to be doing this at the expense of the Hawaiians already living there.

The department saves money if they don’t have to build more houses on the land. So in order to save money, they evict Hawaiians that have financial problems and supply their homes to other Hawaiians with less financial difficulties. This is not rehabilitating the Hawaiians but instead forcing them onto beaches like in Waianae.

My parents are having financial difficulties; Instead of evicting them, the Department of Hawaiian homes should work with them to overcome their difficulties and keep their home.

How many Hilbert Kahale Smith’s need die before this issue will be taken into consideration.

My family is a great example of this rising problem.

James Kamoku now lives in Madison, WI, and can be reached at mailto:jnkamoku@wisc.edu

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