Ohana Hoopakele

Welcome to Ohana Ho’opakele

A Hawaiian Holisitc Alternative to Prisons

Ohana Ho’opakele (Family Rescue) is a community-based organization whose purpose is to restore balance in our families and our communities. Our focus is on healing the social ills that exist in our communities.

“Agents of the U.S.A. participated in the illegal and immoral theft of a whole livelihood of an entire race of people. This theft is still occurring in the millions, even billions. The criminal/criminals of this crime have got, and is still getting away scot free. Maybe that’s the real reason they call America “the land of the free.” Then there’s the Native Hawaiians pulling time for doing the crime. And he did do the crime and he is pulling the time. So how does this “vision” appear? America steal, it’s called progress, kanaka steal, he a thief. Somehow, I have a problem with the problem. As Willy Bright say, ‘We the evidence, we not the crime.'”
– Keli’i “Skippy” Ioane

We feel that a primary cause of imbalance and disharmony in our society is an unnecessarily high incarceration rate that breaks up families. Our solution to this problem is the implementation of a restorative justice process that will more effectively deal with the rehabilitation of our community members who have made mistakes in their lives.

Our belief is that rehabilitation is a healing process that requires a therapeutic environment focused on wellness, as opposed to the existing correctional process whose focus is punitive. Our aspiration is to implement a complementary alternative to the existing judicial process in cases that would be better served by a holistic, therapeutic vehicle.

We advocate a traditional ho’oponopono process and decentralized pu’uhonua (wellness centers) on each island.


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